Garlic Fried Rice

This is a simple recipe. Alice had this in a Japanese restaurant in KL and liked it. It is simple, tasty and different from the traditional  fried rice with vegetables, meat and seafood. This has no meat in it. We had it with roast pork, apple sauce, carrots and asparagus. Good combination.

4-5 cloves garlic, diced
1 tsp chicken stock powder or ½ cube.
2 cups Thai Jasmine white rice
2-2 1/2  cups water to cook rice or use a rice cooker
1  tablespoons soy sauce
1  teaspoons table salt
Dash of White pepper

1 tbs diced mint leaves

1 tbs diced spring onion

1 tbs bonito flakes

Rinse rice until water is clear (about 3 times) and cook it in a rice cooker or in a saucepan. When cooked, fluff it and let it cool to room temperature.

Heat 2 tbs of vegetable oil in wok (or fry pan) and add diced garlic. When garlic is brown, careful not to burn the garlic, remove from wok. Add chicken stock cube, salt and rice to wok and cook for about 1 minute. Add soya sauce, pepper and combine. When ready, add brown garlic, diced mint and diced spring onion, mix well.  To serve, fill a bowl (or ramekin) with the fried rice and turn it onto the plate to form a round shape. Garnish with bonito flakes on top of rice.

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